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Medical Studies on Pregnenolone – Other Findings

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Pregnenolone has also been shown to be effective in many other health conditions. In this category, we present the most important studies and areas of application in which pregnenolone has been successfully used. Here, we will also keep you continuously informed of new research results.

Medical Studies on Pregnenolone – Other Diseases

Comparison of pregnenolone sulfate, pregnanolone and estradiol levels between patients with menstrually-related migraine and controls: an exploratory study

2021-03 Rustichelli C, Bellei E, Bergamini S, Monari E, Lo Castro F, Baraldi C, Tomasi A, Ferrari A

Neurosteroids affect the balance between neuroexcitation and neuroinhibition but have been little studied in migraine. We compared the serum levels of pregnenolone sulfate, pregnanolone and estradiol in women with menstrually-related migraine and controls and analysed if a correlation existed between the levels of the three hormones and history of migraine and age.

Epigenetic regulation of GABAergic neurotransmission and neurosteroid biosynthesis in alcohol use disorder

2021-02 Gatta E, Guidotti A, Saudagar V, Grayson DR, Aspesi D, Pandey SC, Pinna G

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a chronic relapsing brain disorder. GABAA receptor (GABAAR) subunits are a target for the pharmacological effects of alcohol. Neurosteroids play an important role in the fine-tuning of GABAAR function in the brain. Recently, we have shown that AUD is associated with changes in DNA methylation mechanisms. However, the role of DNA methylation in the regulation of neurosteroid biosynthesis and GABAergic neurotransmission in AUD patients remains under-investigated.

Sex dimorphism in an animal model of multiple sclerosis: focus on pregnenolone synthesis

2020-05 Giatti S, Rigolio R, Diviccaro S, Falvo E, Caruso D, Garcia-Segura LM, Cavaletti G, Melcangi RC

Neuroactive steroids, molecules produced from cholesterol in steroidogenic cells (i.e., peripheral glands and nervous system) are physiological modulators and protective agents of nervous function. A possible role for neuroactive steroids in the sex-dimorphic clinical manifestation, onset and progression of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been recently suggested.

Assessment of adrenal function at birth using adrenal glucocorticoid precursor to product ratios to predict short-term neonatal outcomes

2020-03 Karsli T, Jain VG, Mhanna M, Wu Q, Pepkowitz SH, Chandler DW, Shekhawat PS

Most neonatal outcomes in neonates are related to normal adrenal gland function. Assessment of adrenal function in a sick preterm neonate remains a challenge, thus we hypothesized that adrenal steroid precursors to their product ratios have a direct relationship with neonatal outcomes.

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