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Pregnenolone is considered the „grandmother“ among the steroid hormones and owns an extremely versatile mode of action. Not only does it improve mood and memory, but can do a lot more: Pregnenolone strengthens the anti-inflammatory defense, supports healthy sleep-wake patterns, regulates female and male sexual functions and plays an important role in a healthy cardiovascular system.

In the scientific publications compiled here you will find the latest new findings on pregnenolone and its metabolites as well as the resulting use in clinical practice.

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The “precursor hormone” pregnenolone has an extremely versatile mode of action. It improves mood, boosts vitality, increases memory performance and boosts energy. In addition, pregnenolone has exhibited positive effects in the treatment of neuropsychiatric concerns such as depression …

Pregnenolone is considered to be the “grandmother” of all steroid hormones and its importance for human health has been acknowledged for decades. However, pregnenolone’s effectiveness is due not only to its metabolites but also to its role as an independent hormone; a role in which it fulfills important …

Pregnenolone possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties − a fact that has been known for decades − and supports the maintenance of immune homeostasis in various inflammatory conditions. It also plays a key role in many autoimmune concerns, for example, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis (MS).

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