Medical Studies on Pregnenolone – Metabolism


Pancreatic beta cells play a key role in diabetes mellitus. In this process, proinflammatory cytokines activate signaling pathways that can then lead to beta cell damage and death. Pregnenolone promotes healthy beta cell function in the pancreas and ensures the healthy physiological release of insulin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Pregnenolone for Metabolic Disorders

Treatment with pregnenolone can be especially helpful for people over 40 who want to keep their blood glucose levels in the normal range; occasionally, it is also suitable for younger candidates with similar complaints. Studies have shown that pregnenolone supports the metabolic work of beta cells and can even renew these cells.

DHEA and Melatonin

Taking DHEA along with pregnenolone can enhance the effect of both substances, as pregnenolone is a direct precursor of DHEA. In studies, this has been shown to have a positive effect on insulin, sugar and fat metabolism and to exert a protective effect against insulin resistance. Pregnenolone can also be effectively used in conjunction with melatonin. Together they enhance each other’s ability to promote healthy insulin secretion and also provide energy balance while promoting stress control and recovery.

Medical Studies on Pregnenolone – Metabolism

Role of endocannabinoids in energy-balance regulation in participants in the postobese state – a PREVIEW Study

2020-07 Drummen M, Tischmann L, Gatta-Cherifi B, Cota D, Matias I, Raben A, Adam T, Westerterp-Plantenga M

Endocannabinoids are suggested to play a role in energy balance regulation. We aimed to investigate associations of endocannabinoid concentrations during the day with energy balance and adiposity and interactions with 2 diets differing in protein content in participants in the postobese phase with prediabetes.

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