Medical Studies on Pregnenolone

Sexual dimorphism following in vitro ischemia in the response to neurosteroids and mechanisms of injury

2020-01 Altaee R, Gibson C

Cerebral ischemic stroke is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. Sex differences exist following stroke in terms of incidence, symptoms, outcomes and response to some treatments. Importantly, molecular mechanisms of injury, activated following ischemia may differ between the sexes and if so may account, at least in part, for sex differences seen in treatment response.

A role of endogenous progesterone in stroke cerebroprotection revealed by the neural-specific deletion of its intracellular receptors

2017-11 Zhu X, Fréchou M, Liere P, Zhang S, Pianos A, Fernandez N, Denier C, Mattern C, Schumacher M, Guennoun R

Treatment with progesterone protects the male and female brain against damage after middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO). However, in both sexes, the brain contains significant amounts of endogenous progesterone. It is not known whether endogenously produced progesterone enhances the resistance of the brain to ischemic insult.

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